Hello, who else loves motor-homing? For me you can't beat it, sure it's a little more hands on than some might like but that's part of the appeal for others. Before dipping my toe I had always assumed it was a frugal choice, made by families with lots of kids, and more often than not Chevy Chase was the dad. That wasn't necessarily our experience, it was actually pretty expensive to get the features we thought we needed and the only appearance Chevy Chase made was in the music video for Call me Al. I really wanted to check in and see what other people's experiences had been like.

The purpose of this website is purely a fact-finding one, I have a bit more knowledge about camping and attitudes toward it now but I'd like to get as many respondents as possible to tell me what they think. Have you been camping? What do you love about it, what do you hate about it? If you've not been that's great too, it would be fantastic to find out what would make you consider a camping holiday and what might put you off.

The grainy photo you see above is of m'lady, our motorhome, and was taken at a campsite in Alpirsbach in the Black Forest, Germany. Whilst you're here and you've read this far it would be a massive help to us if you'd take a look at our questionnaire below. I know it's not the most exciting prospect, filling in an online survey, but everyone who has completed it so far agrees that it's mercifully short so you could be on your way in no time, be sure to leave your details at the end of the form if you'd like to be kept up to date.

Thanks again.

Thank you!